World’s Largest Drainage Pumping Station

CTLGroup is assisting with the construction of the world's largest drainage pumping station, the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway West Closure Complex (GIWW WCC), being constructed in Belle Chasse, LA. This project is located on the west bank of the Mississippi River near New Orleans, LA in the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway just west of the Algiers and Harvey canals. When completed, the WCC will function as a major component of the Greater New Orleans Hurricane Storm Damage Risk Reduction System (HSDRRS).

The GIWW WCC will consist of: a navigable floodgate or floodgates with a total opening of between 300 and 335 feet; at least 20,000 cfs drainage pumping station containing 12 large mixed-flow vertical pumps; a concrete T-wall and flow control structure in an environmentally sensitive location; and an earthen levee. The entire complex will be constructed without closure of the navigation channel and with an aggressive intermediate target completion date for the surge barrier of June 2011. The final construction effort shall be completed by 2013.

The project used the Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) method, also known as the Construction Manager at Risk method, for preconstruction services and optional construction services. The overall cost of the project is approximately $1 billion. The project contains nearly 100,000 cubic yards of concrete, of which nearly half is designated as mass concrete.

CTLGroup has provided consulting and materials related services throughout the duration of the project, from pre-award through construction. Our initial involvement refined the general project specifications for fast-track construction. In this regard, we blended state-of-the-art concrete technology with advanced construction practices so that concrete could be easily placed, and durability achieved with almost no impact on the desired speed of construction. Concurrently with the specification refinement, we assisted in the selection of materials and identification of pre-construction issues such as mass concrete, form pressures, and the use of maturity for form stripping.

Later efforts included consulting for concrete mixture proportioning, refinement of construction practices, form removal guidelines and stripping strength requirements, mass concrete and thermal control planning, curing procedures and recommendations, and formwork pressure. Large mass concrete placements were routine on this project. One of them consisted of a 9-foot-thick slab where 5,700 cubic yards of concrete was placed in 18 hours. CTLGroup provided world-class troubleshooting expertise, phase after phase, to the contractor, ensuring they will deliver a better quality structure to the owner which will remain durable throughout its service life.