Uline Distribution Center Investigation

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In 2012, CTLGroup was engaged by Uline to perform an investigation of Uline’s Pleasant Prairie Distribution Center in Pleasant Prairie, WI. The concrete floor at the distribution center was exhibiting unacceptable mid-panel cracking in critical locations in the floor slabs.

CTLGroup was contracted to evaluate the concrete slab cracking at the Uline Pleasant Prairie Distribution Center and provide an opinion as to the cause. CTLGroup’s approach included reviewing project documentation; visually assessing the overall condition of the floor; conducting nondestructive testing using ground penetrating radar (GPR); removing concrete core samples; performing laboratory testing; and performing a structural analysis that considered slab size, slab thickness, rack geometry and loading.

When the investigation was complete, CTLGroup submitted a detailed report of findings and was subsequently retained to provide consulting services for a concrete floor slab design that would minimize cracking potential at another Uline distribution facility.