UIC School of Health & Psychiatric Institute

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The former Illinois Psychiatric Hospital building was taken over by UIC and renovated to serve as a classroom and office building. The exterior wall of the 13-story building consisted of face brick and masonry back up with punched anodized aluminum windows and an anodized aluminum and glass curtain wall with masonry back up. The interior sides of the masonry walls were glazed clay blocks. The glass was monolithic and the aluminum framing was not thermally broken.

CTLGroup was engaged by UIC to evaluate the existing building envelope and facade to determine the condition as a result of repurposing of the building for academic use.

Based on the condition assessment conducted by CTLGroup, much of the exterior wall required major repair and replacement. The scope of the renovation work included removal of the existing punched windows and some of the cladding. All of the curtain wall support framing was left in place as were sections of the existing cladding that were to be over clad. The punched windows were replaced with new windows consisting of a fixed lite of insulating glass glazed in a thermally broken painted aluminum frame. The over cladding was glazed with metal panels. The only work on the interior was a cosmetic sealant joint between the window frame and the glazed clay block interior back up.