Traveling Screen Support Framing Evaluation East and West Intake Basin Jardine Water Filtration Plant

The City of Chicago Water Department sought to determine the condition and long-term durability potential of the structural steel support framing for the traveling screen equipment for the east water intake basin at its Jardine Water Purification Plant.

The Water Department engaged CTLGroup to evaluate the steel framing supporting the traveling screen equipment and peripheral walkways. To gather historical information, the CTLGroup team reviewed the available project documents, including drawings, specifications, maintenance/repair records, and reports by others. They also held meetings with Department of Water Management staff and the manufacturer of the traveling screen equipment.

CTLGroup performed a field investigation of the east intake basin, including visual inspections, nondestructive ultrasonic thickness testing, hammer sounding of corroded regions of steel framing, and removal of steel coupons for laboratory testing.

Samples of steel framing were removed and tested to obtain information on their chemical composition and mechanical properties, including yield point and ultimate strength. A coating sample from the steel framing was tested for lead content.

CTLGroup analyzed the data and prepared a report that described their work, findings, options, and recommendations. The report offered engineering opinions regarding the condition, structural integrity and future durability potential of the existing support framing and traveling screen equipment.