Technical Documentation Support for Wall Insulation

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Firestone Building Products LLC retained CTLGroup to provide consulting services as part of their ISOGARD™ CI and ISOGARD™ CI PLUS new product release for usage in exterior wall construction of commercial buildings. These products were developed to meet the continuous insulation requirement of the Energy Code. In addition to the continuous insulation requirement, these products help satisfy continuous air barrier requirements and help to meet the minimum R-value requirements of the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). They must also meet the fire performance requirements of NFPA 285 as required in Chapter 26 of the International Building Code (IBC).

CTLGroup’s scope of work included the development and preparation of application instructions, construction details and guide specifications to support the release of the listed products. CTLGroup’s work focused on the
technical documentation of the products based on the following:

  • Characteristics identified in the testing and analysis performed by others
  • A peer review of similar products in the market place and a review of the codes cited above

CTLGroup prepared installation instructions for the architect’s and installer’s use for each product. Each set of instructions was prepared in a narrative format, in sequence of installation. Site preparation and product limitations were included in the instructions.

CTLGroup prepared guide specifications for use by design professionals. The specifications identified the related specification sections that identified product attributes. CTLGroup also prepared conceptual construction details for use by design professionals. CTLGroup met with representatives of Firestone Building Products, LLC, to work out critical transition details between existing Firestone roofing products and their new continuous insulation products.