Structural Concrete with Lightweight Synthetic Particles

CTLGroup has recently been working with the Elemix® additive business, a new product line owned by NOVA Chemicals Inc., to assist in product development efforts. NOVA Chemicals was developing a new product for use in the production of lightweight concrete, and they approached CTLGroup seeking our consulting services to guide them through the code approval process and to provide our unique testing and analytical services.

Over the past two years we have accomplished the following:

  • Performed an evaluation of product-related test data and provided consulting to design the acceptance testing program
  • Developed acceptance criteria to ensure adequate structural strength and durability are achieved/maintained
  • Secured approval of AC-408 by ICC-ES through the public hearing process on our first attempt in March 2009, not a common feat for new products
  • Completed comprehensive materials testing program to show product compliance with acceptance criteria
  • ICC-ES issued ESR-2574 on September 1, 2009

This successful project demonstrated how the combined assets of CTLGroup services (testing and consulting) can come together to bring value to a client. Our understanding of theory and ability to relate to practice were utilized as we helped launch a new product for the construction industry.

According to Tricia G. Ladely, Technical Leader for Elemix® concrete additive, "CTLGroup provided excellent consulting and testing capabilities to NOVA Chemicals Inc. on our project to have Elemix® concrete additive certified by ICC-ES. Their expertise in both concrete and ACI 318 helped the project to proceed as efficiently as possible. We secured both a new acceptance criteria and a new evaluation report with their help."

(Elemix® is a registered trademark of NOVA Chemicals Inc., use authorized.)