Sterling Condominium Façade Leakage Repairs

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The 50-story condominium building at 345 N. LaSalle Drive was constructed in 2001 with a facade that consists of exposed castin- place concrete spandrels, window slab ends and columns; concrete balconies with metal railings and aluminum-framed windows. Concerns arose regarding water infiltration problems, with more than 30 units reporting water leakage that persisted throughout the building. The building owner engaged CTLGroup to address the continuing water leakage problems and to perform a City of Chicago facade inspection program

Beginning in 2010, CTLGroup performed a close-up visual review of a majority of the east elevation and southeast corner at levels above the adjacent parking structure. Our team performed a comprehensive document review, gathering background information and reviewing pertinent available original construction documents, as well as a comprehensive survey of interior units for facade-related water leakage.

CTLGroup assisted The Sterling Condominium Association with planning and prioritization of leakage repairs based on the association’s budgetary requirements. Repairs were performed to address reported water leakage into several units on north and west elevations in 2010, at southwest and northeast corners in 2011, and on east elevation and southeast corner in 2012.

CTLGroup’s repair program included concrete crack repairs, replacement of deteriorated window sealants and application of waterproofing membranes at locations with water leakage problems. Miscellaneous concrete patch repairs were also performed to address localized concrete deterioration.