Reinforced Concrete Water Reservoir

CTLGroup performed an evaluation of a reinforced concrete water reservoir for the Village of Niles, Illinois. The reservoir holds 3 million gallons and measures approximately 105x 300 ft in plan with a 16-ft wall height. The reservoir was constructed around 1962 and is partially buried. The Village of Niles main concern was reported water leakage through an expansion joint and the overall condition of the reservoir.

CTLGroup evaluated the general condition of the reservoir and provided conceptual-level recommendations and associated order-of-magnitude cost estimates for repairs. The work included reviewing drawings and interviewing Village staff to gather information on design, construction details, and maintenance repairs. It also encompassed a field investigation to assess the reservoir's general condition, which consisted of a visual review of the interior walls and roof slab underside; documentation of existing cracks, spalls, and repair areas; and nondestructive covermeter testing to evaluate the thickness of concrete cover over embedded reinforcement.