Nevada DOT Design Standard of Care Expert Review

During the construction of a large and complex interstate interchange, the contractor discovered numerous inaccurate and incomplete details within the project plans, which required clarification or remediation. This resulted in delays and inefficiencies to the contractor and increased project costs. The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) considered these additional costs to be the responsibility of the original project designer that provided the project plans.

CTLGroup was retained by the legal team representing NDOT to provide expert opinion on the design professional's standard of care and determine whether the errors and omissions in the project plans could have, and should have, been avoided.

CTLGroup's experts reviewed project documents, including project plans, requests for information, change orders, and plan review comments. Using our established expertise, it was determined that the majority of the inaccurate and inconsistent details on the plans should have either been prevented on the original plan sheets or discovered during the quality control process used by the design professionals. Our efforts were used to reach a mediation settlement between NDOT and the design firm.

CTLGroup's extensive expertise in all phases of project development from design through construction was used by the client to achieve the desired outcome.