Investigation of Lowe’s Companies Parking Structure

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There are two parking structures at the Lowe’s Companies, Inc. (Lowe’s) headquarters located in Mooresville, NC. Parking Deck 1 consists of one level at grade and one elevated level. Parking Deck 2 consists of one level at grade and four elevated levels. The subject parking structures were constructed in 2002 and 2003, and were both exhibiting variable amounts of slab cracking. There was concern for the extent of cracking, causes of the cracking, and the potential need for remedial work.

The elevated levels of the Lowe’s parking structures consisted of concrete slabs composite with corrugated steel deck panels, castellated structured steel beams, and structural steel wide-flange girders. The steel deck panels serve as bottom slab reinforcement. CTLGroup was engaged to evaluate the causes of concrete cracking in the slab of Parking Structures 1 and 2 and the need for repairs. Our team performed document reviews, field investigations and laboratory evaluation of cores regarding causation of cracking and provided repair