Floor Evaluation Services

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CTLGroup performed an evaluation of the second floor at the Wohlt Cheese Corporation facility located in New London, Wisconsin. The epoxy second floor processing area was exhibiting cracking. Water leakage from the second to the first floor filler room was also present. Cracking and delamination of the epoxy floor was evident in the clean and strip room (slab-on-grade), with the majority of the problems occuring in the cooker room (elevated slab). The objectives of CTLGroup’s work were as follows:

1. Observe and document existing conditions on the second floor.

2. Evaluate the cause of the epoxy floor cracking and debonding.
3. Evaluate the cause of the water leakage.
4. Provide repair concepts.

 Our Approach

  • Review of available documents
  • Field investigation
  • Laboratory examinations and testing
  • Data analysis
  • Report preparation

Field evalutions included visual reviews, a delamination survey, core sampling, inspection openings, and an elevation survey. The epoxy floor was sounded by tapping a wooden dowel on the floor. Hollow sounds encountered during the survey indicated debonded epoxy floor. The survey indicated localized areas of debonded floor. Areas of leakage were also observed during a cleaning operation.

When the laboratory and field evaluations had been completed, CTLGroup developed an extensive report based on our findings. The report provided a detailed description of the consulting services performed, along with associated observations and conclusions. Recommendations for repairs and budgetary cost estimates are also presented.