Concrete Cloth™ Material Testing Program

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Milliken & Company retained CTLGroup to provide consulting and testing services as part of their Concrete Cloth™ Material Performance Testing and Characterization Program for potential usage as a liner for drainage channels.

CTLGroup researched existing products in the market place and current ASTM standard tests to develop a potential testing plan. The objective of the testing and consulting program was to accurately assess the performance characteristics of the Concrete Cloth™ material under a variety of applicable testing conditions and provide insight into Concrete Cloth™ performance, relative to the other materials already in use for similar applications.

Based on product literature and discussions with Milliken, it was determined that the product was available in three different thicknesses and that it was desirable to test the material at three different water application rates (low, optimum, and submerged). CTLGroup’s proposed testing matrix identified testing priorities, with a “1” indicating the highest priority and “3” the lowest. Testing the three product thicknesses at the optimal water content was considered most critical and provided a baseline for performance of the product at alternative water application rates. Performance results were presented to Milliken.

Petrographic examinations of the cured samples were also performed at the varying water application rates to quantify the approximate w/cm ratio of the matrix in the three conditions. The examinations established a level of sensitivity each product had to the water application rate and was also useful tool to identify the consistency of water penetration through the matrix and whether uniform material was being achieved through the structure.