Certification of Class C Fly Ash for Holcim, Inc.

Coal fired power plants produce nearly half of the electricity used in the U.S., and fly ash is a by-product of the process. Fly ash can be used as a recycled material for the concrete industry.

Fly ash is predominately siliceous, but it also has sufficient concentrations of heavy metals and crystalline particles to warrant its capture and containment, rather than releasing it to the atmosphere. An alternative to disposing of the fly ash in a landfill is to use it in concrete.

Holcim, Inc. contacted CTLGroup to perform comprehensive daily analysis of fly ash from a coal power plant to ensure that it consistently adheres to standards and regulations for use in concrete.

CTLGroup employed its material-testing capabilities to produce high quality, high throughput data for Holcim, who rely on this data for critical process control and uninterrupted operation. Certain fly ash characteristics, such as sulfur content, moisture content, and density, are strictly governed by ASTM standards for concrete production (ASTM C618). With CTLGroup's expertise, it was possible to develop a testing regimen that ensures quality in the final product.

CTLGroup possesses a suite of capabilities and expertise that adds value to the fly ash's use in many products, which differentiates CTLGroup from other consulting firms. With assistance from CTLGroup, producers optimize production conditions and create more-environmentally conscious products.