Assessment & Repair of Campus Utility Tunnels

UIC Condition Assesment

The reinforced concrete west campus utility tunnels at the University of Illinois at Chicago have a cumulative length of approximately 1.5 miles. The university became concerned about visible evidence of deterioration and distress in the tunnel system, including cracked, delaminated and spalled concrete with corroded reinforcement, areas of water infiltration and corroded utility support hardware.

The university engaged CTLGroup to perform a condition assessment of the reinforced concrete utility tunnels. CTLGroup evaluated the overall condition of the tunnel structure, concrete chloride levels, and the depth of carbonation and cover thickness. The investigation included review of the original design, construction, and repair records; hands-on condition assessment (including nondestructive testing) of the tunnel system; and laboratory testing of concrete samples.

When the assessment had been completed, CTLGroup developed and prioritized repair recommendations to help the University of Illinois formulate the most economical repair strategy for its various campus facilities. Taking advantage of CTLGroup’s technical expertise, the University was able to make the necessary decisions to repair the utility tunnels, and to develop more effective maintenance plans for the future.