Highway Pavements

Paving the way towards practical and economical solutions for highway pavement construction

CTLGroup’s laboratory facilities and pavement engineering staff provide clients with practical solutions for highway construction that maximize efficiency every step of the way.

We provide testing and consulting services to concrete suppliers, contractors and transportation agencies on pavement projects nationwide. Combining expert material testing with experienced engineering and consulting services, we address complex issues anywhere in the pavement construction and maintenance cycle.

In the pre-bid and bidding stages, CTLGroup works with clients to save time and money with material considerations, design and specifications review, risk analysis and various pavement design services, as well as many specialized services:

  • Concrete mixture design optimization
  • Hands-on consulting regarding aggregates, cement, cementitious materials, concrete workability, durability and every other mixture design consideration
  • Identification of chemical admixture compatibility issues before they occur
  • Consideration of sustainability throughout the process

We conduct chemical and physical testing of materials to identify potential adverse chemical reactions or to optimize the use of chemical admixtures, as well as testing to establish the workability and setting characteristics of paste, mortar and/or concrete.

CTLGroup also offers a comprehensive list of testing and consulting services to optimize efficiency in the pre-construction and construction phases:

  • Material evaluations
  • Quality control testing
  • Specifications review and changes for improved constructability and schedule
  • Highly specialized trouble shooting services

Our firm has performed condition assessments for clients nationwide. Our field testing and evaluation capabilities are unrivaled in scope and expertise, and include state-of-the-art nondestructive testing procedures. We also offer pavement repair designs and specifications and assessments for use in upgrades and changes. And in case of failures, CTLGroup is recognized as a national leader in conducting forensic evaluations.