Quality and safety through innovation and expertise

CTLGroup has extensive experience in the structural evaluation and innovative improvement of bridges.

Our project expertise worldwide encompasses the entire lifecycle of bridges, from design optimization and construction innovation; to construction planning, material testing and troubleshooting during construction; to structural health monitoring; to extreme in-service event analysis; to extending service life and rehabilitation of aging structures.

The firm also has a long history of bridge engineering improvement. Our signature services include the inspection and evaluation of cable-supported bridges, as well as cable damping and non-contacting cable force measurement. Additionally, we perform suspension bridge and tied-arch hanger force measurement and ultrasonic flaw detection for cable anchorages. One of our most noted projects, the Hale Boggs Memorial (Luling) Bridge, involved a complete stay-cable replacement for the 1,221 foot long bridge.

CTLGroup has conducted analytical investigation of the failure and collapse of bridges nationally. Collapse investigations conducted by CTLGroup include:

  • I-35W bridge collapse in Minnesota
  • Cline Avenue Bridge in Gary, Indiana
  • Marshall Avenue Bridge in Minnesota
  • Red Mountain Freeway Bridge girder collapse in Arizona

Our integrated consulting and laboratory testing services, as well as our multi-disciplinary approach to all projects, allow us to provide a vast range of solutions for both new and existing bridges alike.

For the evaluation, maintenance and upgrade of existing bridges, we have provided:

  • Comprehensive nondestructive testing of post-tensioned and reinforced concrete
  • Field inspection and condition assessment
  • Failure analysis and investigation
  • Remote wireless structural health monitoring systems
  • Corrosion rate monitoring and service life assessment
  • Post-tensioning tendon inspection and rehabilitation
  • Service life modeling

For the evaluation of construction design, we have provided:

  • Laboratory qualification of bridge bearings, seismic dampers, composite reinforcement and post-tensioning tendons
  • Qualification testing of bridge stay cables
  • Accelerated corrosion barrier testing for stay cables
  • Qualification of grout for post-tensioning tendons
  • Creep and shrinkage evaluation for concrete
  • Onsite stay-cable force and geometry monitoring
  • Service life evaluation
  • Constructability reviews

During construction we routinely provide:

  • Concrete mixture design selection and optimization
  • Specification reviews
  • Mass concrete analyses and thermal control plans
  • Cracking prevention plans
  • Service life verification testing
  • Unique concrete testing services
  • On-call troubleshooting assistance
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