Ready Mix Concrete Services

More than just materials testing.

CTLGroup provides the ready mixed concrete industry with much more than just standard testing services.

CTLGroup began its 95 year history as the Research and Development arm of the Portland Cement Association, and in that time we have provided research, engineering and consulting services to various clients, including ready mixed concrete suppliers, precast producers and contractors.

Our expertise includes developing specialized concrete mixture proportions to meet challenging placement requirements or modern performance specifications. We help improve overall concrete production quality, plant performance and environmental compliance, and we assist with on-site plant set up and qualification. Additionally, CTLGroup experts optimize proportions to help clients gain a competitive edge, meet performance based specifications and determine difficult mixture interactions in the field.

Products and Services:

Materials Testing and New Product Development

Education and Training

Plant Services and Optimization:

  • On-Site Batch Plant Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • Quality Control Evaluations, Equipment Performance Inspection and Plant Audits
  • Energy Use Audits and Environmental Compliance Testing

Mixture Proportion Consulting and Optimization:

  • Review of Concrete Mixture Proportions and Specifications
  • Low Heat Mass Concrete Mixture Optimization
  • Aggregate Optimization and Void Space/Particle Packing Analysis
  • Mixture Development for Creep and Shrinkage Performance
  • Sustainable Concrete Mixture Development to Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC)
  • Flowable, Tremie and Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC)
  • Rapid Setting or High Early Strength Concrete
  • Mixture Development for Durability/Service Life Requirements or Performance Based
  • Specification Assistance
  • Mixture Cost Optimization

Engineering and Problem Solving:

  • Concrete Precooling and Thermal Analysis
  • Extended Slump Life/Pumpability Troubleshooting
  • Setting Time/Early Strength Troubleshooting and Maturity for Early Formwork Removal
  • Formwork Pressure Assessment
  • Admixture - Cementitious Material Interaction and Fly Ash Troubleshooting

For more details, view the Ready Mix Concrete Services At-a-Glance sheet.