Leading the Way for Almost a Century

CTLGroup is capable of tackling any concrete issue, no matter how intricate or unique. We work with clients to develop and customize approaches in order to translate specific problems into practical solutions.

CTLGroup began in the early 1900's as the research and development laboratory of the Portland Cement Association. Over the years, our offices and labs have been filled with some of the most prominent innovators and experts in the field. These scientists and engineers have been responsible for many landmark developments, producing countless materials standards, testing techniques and field procedures.

This legacy of research and development in the concrete industry has evolved into a client specific approach to innovation. Today, CTLGroup is the go-to firm for complex concrete materials issues that require a forward-thinking approach to current standards, techniques and testing methods. This client-driven approach has yielded many of the developments in high strength and high performance concrete since the early 80's. Consequently, CTLGroup continues to be one of the leading authorities in the field worldwide. Similarly, our involvement with the advances in the use of fly ash has continued from its initial use in concrete for improved durability and performance to the current environmentally-focused interest in safe byproduct storage and use.

Such examples of innovation linked to specific client needs are numerous, and include the development of creep and shrinkage testing, regulated-set cements, identification and prevention of chemical corrosive agents, and many more. CTLGroup has one of the most sophisticated suites of engineering and consulting services in the industry, as well as one of the most expansive, including:

  • Construction Materials Optimization
  • Laboratory and Field Assessment of Material Performance
  • Construction Methods Consulting and Construction Process Review
  • Specialized Concrete Mixture Development – High-Strength Concrete, High-Performance Concrete, Self-Consolidating Concrete, Light-Weight Concrete
  • Research and Development
  • Mass Concrete Consulting
  • Corrosion Assessment, Testing and Protection Planning
  • Materials and Building Systems Certification and Code Compliance
  • Service Life Prediction and Modeling
  • Physical Testing
  • Chemical Testing
  • Mortar Testing
  • Microscopy