Cementitious Materials

Volcanoes, to Vitreous, to Valuable

In the case of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), CTLGroup turns green solutions into business solutions.

For decades, CTLGroup has provided testing and consulting services to both producers and consumers by developing new ways to turn industrial by-products (such as fuel-combustion ashes) and similar products (including natural pozzolans) into useful material.

CTLGroup began its involvement with the repurposing of industrial by-products with research and development projects for the Portland Cement Association to determine the viability of by-products, such as coal fly ash, in concrete. Since then, the firm has worked for numerous manufacturers of construction related materials, characterizing industrial by-products for use in ready mix concrete, cement and many other products. Whether the SCM is to be used as filler or as part of the binder system, CTLGroup is able to provide expert materials consulting, optimize manufacturing processes and provide standard ASTM or custom testing to insure given specifications are met.

  • Specification testing
  • Development of blended cement systems
  • Optimization of concrete mix-design with SCMs
  • Trouble-shooting for effects on cement hydration
  • Characterization of coal combustion products for use in construction
  • Identification of trace metals for environmental concerns
  • Standards development for construction materials
  • Optimization for scrubbing operation
  • Monitoring of sustainability standards, including IgCC and LEED