Holding Projects Together

CTLGroup’s suite of integrated testing and consulting services allow us to provide unique, practical and cost-effective solutions to any cement issue in the development-production-use-maintenance cycle.

CTLGroup began as the research and development laboratory for the Portland Cement Association almost 100 years ago. Throughout that time, our offices and laboratories have produced many of the landmark innovations in the fields of cement and cementitious materials, and have become known worldwide for industry-leading expertise in the laboratory and the field. Today our in-house labs continue to refine the cutting-edge, as well as provide support to our engineering and consulting staff in a way few other firms can. We can solve any issue related to cement and cementitious materials, no matter how intricate or unique.

Our labs maintain AASHTO and ISO 17025 accreditations. Our QMS meets the requirements of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. We provide a broad array of tests, including the series necessary for ASTM C150. These tests often function as support to an equally extensive suite of consulting services, including raw material evaluation, ready-mix optimization and troubleshooting in production, use and maintenance. Along with the expert standard testing and experienced consulting services we offer, we provide highly specialized services. These include testing and consulting for quarry-mapping, emissions treatment and chemical compatibility of admixtures.

We also have the insight and tools to develop novel and specialty cements. Some of the more recent specialty cements that we have developed include: low heat of hydration belite cements, an ultra-rapid setting cement from waste materials, and cement that is resistant to alkali-silica reactivity. While much of this is laboratory-type development, we oversaw and guided the activities through full scale trial production runs at commercial cement plants.

From the quarry to the rehabilitation of structures – from unique to standard issues – CTLGroup is one of the most trusted cement experts, and has proven that to manufacturers, ready-mix companies, contractors and owners all over the world.