Comprehensive scope, unparalleled results.

One of the most notable things about CTLGroup is the fact that we operate under a wide umbrella that covers our numerous capabilities and vast array of professional services. That umbrella is expanding as we continue to stretch into new markets and add strategic services to help our clients with their challenges and opportunities.

Across the construction life-cycle, CTLGroup's construction engineering consulting services help define problems, avoid issues and provide repair solutions. Our early involvement in a project allows contractors to work more efficiently, saving time and money. We also lend crucial support to manufacturers in the development and testing of new products. And, finally, our experts are often the first to be contacted when a client needs to know why a structure failed or what are the impacts and implications of a disaster.

After establishing a rich corporate history that spans almost 100 years, we are no longer just the concrete and cement experts that forged CTLGroup's reputation. We have expanded our capabilities over the years, building expertise to fit a broad selection of materials, structures and industries. Our engineers, architects, material scientists and technical specialists bring a multi-disciplinary approach to the complex challenges of our clients around the globe.

We focus our work on the following markets:

  • Buildings & Facilities
  • Emergent Solutions
  • Energy & Resources
  • Green Solutions
  • Litigation & Insurance
  • Materials & Products
  • Transportation
  • Water & Wastewater


Buildings Facilities

Buildings & Facilities

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Emergent Solutions Market

Emergent Solutions

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energy resources

Energy & Resources

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Green Solutions Market

Green Solutions

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Litigation and Insurance

Litigation & Insurance

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Materials and Products

Materials & Products

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Transportation Market


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Water & Wastewater

Water & Wastewater

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