Renewable Energy

Expertise and experience for which there is no alternative

CTLGroup’s structural and materials expertise has provided a range of critical services to the renewable energy industry as it has grown and developed.

Our cutting edge laboratory facilities, combined with years of engineering experience, allow us to integrate material considerations with structural knowledge to provide practical solutions at each step of the construction and maintenance process. These capabilities have been particularly useful in the solar and wind energy sectors, where we have been involved in projects ranging from foundation consulting and construction trouble shooting to condition assessments, rehabilitation and retrofitting recommendations.

CTLGroup also operates one of the largest privately owned structures laboratories in the world, allowing us to provide customized, state-of-the-art component testing to the renewable energy industry.

CTLGroup has performed extensive work with wind turbine structural health monitoring. The firm has been one of the innovative forces in the field of instrumentation, remote monitoring and vibration monitoring. This use of sensors to monitor the health of wind turbines has become an integral part of wind farm support systems. An example of this is the wind farm project in the San Gorgonio Pass in Southern California.

We have also played a vital role in the production process for many solar product manufacturers. Any product that is intended for mounting on other structures must pass International Code Council (ICC) standards. CTLGroup provides ICC evaluation services and support during the Engineering Service Report process. Our experience in this area includes extensive work with the brackets and mounting systems for solar units.