Nuclear Energy

Here from the Beginning

Why is CTLGroup a trusted name in the nuclear sector?

Because the firm has solved important structural and materials-related problems for decades. CTLGroup was involved in the initial wave of nuclear power plant construction and continues to adapt to the industry's ever-changing needs, both as a service provider and a thought leader.

In the late 1970s and 1980s, CTLGroup designed a large-scale multi-axial prototype testing frame to address new code requirements in response to the Three Mile Island accident. Recently, the firm was retained by the NRC to conduct a peer review of the Westinghouse AP1000 Shield Building Design. The firm also has membership in American Concrete Institute committees 349 and 359.

CTLGroup has worked on projects addressing both existing and new structures with leading players in the nuclear sector: utilities, contractors, engineering & design firms, EPRI, the DOE/National Laboratories and the NRC. The most recent enhancement to the services we offer is the capacity to accept radiologically contaminated specimens for materials testing.

The CTLGroup Quality Management System received a satisfactory assessment (no findings) by the Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC). The NIAC audit program is similar to the joint audit program operated by utilities through the Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC). The results of the audit confirmed that the CTLGroup Quality Management System meets the requirements of 10 CFR 50, Appendix B and NQA-1. CTLGroup laboratories are routinely audited or observed by clients, associations or agencies. CTLGroup field engineers and technicians include radiation worker trained professionals.

FLEX Capabilities  

FLEX is a strategy initiated by the nuclear industry to implement the recommendations of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Task Force that investigated the March 2011 accident at Japan’s Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Plant. The FLEX program involves plant specific assessments of the risks of loss of cooling capability and electrical power due to a severe natural event, similar to the scenario at the Fukushima Plant. CTLGroup is currently providing consulting assistance for FLEX related evaluations at several nuclear plants.

Radiologically Contaminated Specimens

Nuclear services clients can arrange for the shipment of radiologically contaminated specimens for various types of materials testing. For more information, please contact Dr. Boyd Clark.

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