Fossil Fuel

Helping to Clear the Air

CTLGroup’s engineering and consulting services are among the most trusted in the fossil fuel industry.

We have performed projects throughout North America and internationally, involving everything from materials consulting to design review to structural evaluation and rehabilitation. We have worked on piping, towers and the main plant structures. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide practical, cost-effective solutions to any material or structural issue in any stage of the construction and maintenance cycle no matter how complex it may be.

One of the resources that make our engineering and consulting experts so uniquely suited to solve a range of issues are our in-house laboratory facilities. CTLGroup's laboratories, among the largest privately owned in the world, have been at the cutting edge of the materials testing industry for almost 100 years. We perform a wide spectrum of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) tests, some of which few others can carry out.

This integration of experienced engineers and consultants with state-of-the-art labs provides windows of opportunity for collaboration with the coal energy industry beyond standard design, construction and maintenance issues. In response to environmental concerns, the coal energy industry has developed and implemented techniques to clean or scrub flue gas emissions, such as flue gas desulfurization (FGD). CTLGroup has played an integral role in the push toward this clean coal technology, and is now one of the premier testing laboratories for the various components of the gas scrubbing process. We test the synthetic gypsum that is formed from this process. This enables the efficiency of the FGD system to be assessed in the plant. We can also determine the landfill suitability for the synthetic gypsum itself. These highly specialized procedures allow us to work with clients to measure the efficiency of the various gas scrubbing techniques and facilitate their optimization. We also frequently perform physical and chemical testing on limestone, lime, slurry, coal, water and many other materials.

In addition to our materials testing services, we employ state-of-the-art nondestructive testing techniques to evaluate the structural integrity and safety of power plants, cooling towers, piping and other crucial structures in the energy industry. This allows facility managers to weigh the effects of deterioration on a structure's remaining service life, and to develop cost-benefit analyses for renovation programs

Whether the issues are structural or material in nature, complex or straight-forward, unusual or standard, CTLGroup is uniquely positioned to provide engineering, consulting and testing services to help power the energy industry forward.