Emergent Solutions

Emergent Solutions Market

Solving Complex Unconventional Problems

CTLGroup offers a suite of expertise and services that span multiple disciplines and markets. The firm is uniquely capable of solving complex, challenging and unconventional technical problems. Our experts can address problems from materials and structural perspectives to deliver integrated solutions.

Our engineering expertise is complemented by one of the largest and most comprehensive private testing laboratories in the world. Few firms can offer such a diverse set of services, all under one roof.

Extreme Events

Extreme loading events, such as explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes, present unique engineering challenges. Structures are loaded beyond their intended service level, resulting in unanticipated responses. Even the loading itself (e.g. the speed and direction of wind or the intensity of a blast wave) can be difficult to determine. CTLGroup has a track record of tackling these challenging problems and developing technically sound conclusions.

Complex Structures

Not all structures are created equal. Some are particularly complex, sensitive or intricate, or they may exist in a challenging environment. In these situations, conventional evaluation, design and analysis procedures simply do not apply. CTLGroup has extensive experience in the complex structure arena, including development, interpretation and application of associated codes, standards and engineering procedures.

Advanced Applications

The construction industry continues to embrace new technologies, and CTLGroup has been a pioneer in applying technology to the built environment. This experience has provided CTLGroup with the judgment and perspective of how and when technologies, such as structural health monitoring, can be used to benefit a client and not just generate volumes of information without real value.

Emergent Solutions