Stadiums & Arenas

Tackling Stadium-Sized Challenges with Success

Stadiums and arenas are massive facilities that can present an infinite amount of complex challenges.

Whether they serve as venues for sports teams, musical entertainment or other functions, timing and reliability are critical to the owners and operators of these structures. Sports seasons must start on time. Massive crowds of people must be able to safely enjoy themselves. The stakes are high, and CTLGroup is the firm to trust to successfully get the job done.

CTLGroup has conducted work on stadiums and arenas all over the country, from historic ballparks to brand new stadiums on the brink of opening to the public.

CTLGroup was engaged to conduct condition assessments at Chicago's Wrigley Field to address safety concerns. The firm's quick and thorough investigation quelled the city's concerns about safety, and helped prevent an unwarranted interruption in the use of the stadium.

At CenturyLink Field in Seattle, CTLGroup designed, custom-built and installed sensors in the stadium's retractable roof. These sensors measure the post-tensioning forces holding up the roof. They were used to verify these forces during construction, and now are used to monitor structural integrity.

CTLGroup also facilitated the rehabilitation of Michigan State University's Spartan Stadium by providing visual condition assessment, nondestructive field testing, laboratory testing, structural analysis, structural strength evaluation and by designing structural repairs.

Other venues CTLGroup has worked on include:

  • Wrigley Field
  • Soldier Field
  • Ryan Field
  • Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium
  • Kelly/Shorts Stadium
  • Lane Stadium/Worsham Field
  • Arrowhead Stadium
  • Smith's Ballpark
  • Beaver Stadium
  • New Era Field
  • Notre Dame Stadium
  • Ross-Ade Stadium

CTLGroup has built a legacy of industry-leading material testing and structural engineering that spans almost 100 years. Our experience, combined with a wide range of expert cross-disciplinary testing and consulting capabilities, makes us perfectly suited to help clients at every step of their facility's lifecycle – pre-construction through condition assessment and rehabilitation.

Whatever the structure's age – whatever issue it may present – CTLGroup works with the client to identify the problem and solve it.