Apartments & Condominiums


Experienced problem solving for the roof overhead – and everything else

CTLGroup has been one of the most trusted engineering and consulting names for contractors, condominium associations, property managers and property management firms for decades.

The firm has worked all around the world on countless projects ranging from structural evaluation and rehabilitation of local apartment buildings to materials testing for the construction of the tallest residential building in the world.

What makes CTLGroup truly unique is that our expertise is combined with a broad array of capabilities and experience. Our staff of experienced engineers architects, scientists and specialists combines an unparalleled breadth of services related to residential structures, including:

  • Evaluating designs and construction techniques
  • Troubleshooting construction and materials performance problems
  • Designing and installing structural monitoring systems
  • Conducting structural investigations
  • Developing and managing rehabilitation and repair programs

CTLGroup has worked on roofs, floors, foundations, facades and balconies, plazas, pavements and parking structures. We have even done pools and tennis courts. We provide critical support to clients during the pre-construction, construction and maintenance stages of projects. Whatever the issue may be, CTLGroup has both the technical sophistication and the practical experience to provide thorough results and cost-effective solutions.