Parking Structures

Parking Garage Repair Consultant

Everything but helping you find your car

CTLGroup conducts various parking garage investigations all throughout the country.

These services include nondestructive evaluation of a parking facility in Nashville to an award-winning comprehensive garage repair program in Chicago.

Our staff speaks authoritatively about material, structural and standard of care issues. We have provided materials analysis and design review in the pre-construction process, saving clients time and money later. We have also supplied expert troubleshooting to numerous projects, and provided budgetary cost estimation and repair prioritization, getting construction back on track. We have evaluated parking structures of all types and ages, designed cost-effective rehabilitation plans and overseen their repair or renovation. We also provide recommendations and assistance with budget planning for future preventive maintenance repairs. Our experts are called on for highly specialized failure analysis and litigation support.

CTLGroup is licensed in all 50 states. Our structural and material testing laboratory facilities are among the very best in the world. We have an unparalleled capability to not only perform tests and evaluations, but also to interpret the results and translate them into meaningful action.