Historic Restoration

Historic Restoration

CTLGroup has considerable expertise and experience in the restoration of historic structures.

The firm has worked on marquis monuments and historical buildings across the country, including the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials and several Frank Lloyd Wright buildings.
CTLGroup’s work extends to the evaluation and rehabilitation of all types of aging infrastructure. Our engineering capabilities combined with one of the most comprehensive private testing laboratories in the world make us uniquely suited to conduct detailed condition assessments, identify issues and provide innovative solutions that stand the test of time.
CTLGroup has worked with many different types of organizations involved in historic restoration and other activities:

  • Restoration Foundations
  • Federal, State & Local Government Agencies
  • Contractors
  • Architectural & Engineering Firms
  • Transportation Agencies


  • Historical, technical & materials research
  • Condition assessment
  • Structural evaluation & analysis
  • Service life assessment & evaluation
  • Assistance with budgetary cost estimates & planning
  • Nondestructive testing & evaluation to assess structures
  • Deterioration mitigation
  • Chemical testing
  • Color analysis & matching
  • Material qualification tests & petrographic evaluation of historic materials
  • Development of specialized concrete mixtures, placement techniques & quality control criteria (aggregate, cement, pigments)
  • Repair & renovation plans, specifications & construction observations