A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Interdisciplinary collaboration has produced some of the most innovative solutions of this generation. We have it in-house.

CTLGroup's experienced team of engineers, architects, scientists and technicians, provides unique solutions to the complex capital renewal and deferred maintenance challenges that face higher education institutions. Our extensive expertise and multi-disciplinary approach has played an integral role in the evaluation and repair of campus facilities, addressing both structures and new construction.

CTLGroup is a one-stop-shop for condition assessment and rehabilitation services for colleges and university critical deferred repairs. With one of the largest and most comprehensive private testing laboratories in the world, in addition to a broad range of nondestructive testing and field evaluation capabilities, our firm offers cutting-edge precision when it comes to determining the condition of any campus infrastructure. What makes our firm truly unique, however, is the fact that these world-class evaluation services are complimented by a team of architects and engineers who take the results and translate them into action. The combination of these in-house capabilities allows our firm to take any project from condition assessment to repair design and implementation quickly, competently and cost-effectively, whether the structure is the university's football stadium or a historical landmark on campus.

CTLGroup offers a correspondingly comprehensive suite of architectural, engineering and testing services to new construction projects. Our team contributes vast materials and structural knowledge to new capital building investments in the pre-bid, bid and construction phases, ensuring increased efficiency, more competitive bids and savings in time and money. In addition, our firm provides solutions to address campus sustainability and green building. We offer expertise in the efficient use of energy, materials and resources, as well as LEED compliance verification and documentation.

From new construction to condition assessment and rehabilitation – from dormitories to utility tunnels – CTLGroup delivers integrated solutions in every phase of the construction and maintenance life-cycle.