Dr. Ravi Mullapudi Wins the NIST-ATC Blind Prediction Contest

SKOKIE, IL (September 28, 2018) – On September 22, The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Applied Technology Council (ATC) held their Blind Prediction Contest on deep wide-flange steel structural beam columns. Senior Engineer, Ravi Mullapudi, Ph.D., P.E., LEED AP., PMP represented CTLGroup’s Houston office in the contest and received first place in the Simple Category, second place in the Simple 3D Category, and third place in the Comprehensive Category. 

The ATC asked contestants to predict the behavior of deep wide-flange steel structural beam columns using simple models and advanced finite element commercial software. Dr. Mullapudi used the fiber beam element, for the ‘Simple’ category, LS-DYNA commercial finite element software for the ‘Simple-3D’ category, and Abaqus commercial finite element software for the ‘Comprehensive’ category.

The objective of this competition was to predict the nonlinear load-displacement, buckling mode and energy dissipation during the cyclic loading in steel structural beam columns. This competition took place internationally and included several research and professional organizations in participation. Tests were conducted under reverse quasi-static loading at the Seismic Response Modification Device (SRMD) facility of the University of California, San Diego under the NIST-funded ATC-106-1 project.


To learn more about the ATC competition and their contest winners, please visit: https://www.atcouncil.org/atc-106-blind-contest 

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