CTLGroup has worked with the Association of American Railroads (AAR) for over thirty years, supporting qualification testing of rolling stock components. In 1981, the Structural & Transportation Laboratory was approved to perform dynamic testing of bolsters in accordance with AAR M-202. Since then, it has added testing capabilities for side frames (M-203), yokes and couplers (M-205), knuckles (M-215), and foundry and product approval requirements (M-211). 

Our captive engineering capabilities enable us to develop one-off test plans and customized fixturing to satisfy client needs. In addition to working with component manufacturers, CTLGroup is involved with Class I Railroads, transit authorities, and regional and commuter railways, improving the specifications and recommendations implemented within the industry. 

Projects involve not only fixtures and loading, but data acquisition and instrumentation, as well. Whether the project requires one load condition and eight channels or strain of multiple static and/or dynamic load conditions with 240 channels of strain, the Structural & Transportation Laboratory at CTLGroup is positioned to help our clients succeed.