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ASTM E 96 Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Materials

Lab ID: 99

Measures water vapor transmission using the desiccant method (dry cup) or water method (wet cup).

When the sides of a product are indistinguishable (e.g., no coating), 4 specimens are required. When the sides of a product are different and either side may face the vapor source (e.g., coating on concrete), 5 specimens are required. In both cases one specimen will be used as a control. Specimens should have flat surfaces and measure 6-1/2x10 in. Thickness should be representative of application. Specify whether wet cup (100% and 50% RH) or dry cup (0% and 50% RH) is preferred. Consult CTLGroup for preferable method if undecided.

Results Produced
Water vapor transmission, permeance, permeability (for homogeneous specimens)

Time for Results
Please contact a CTLGroup chemical services representative or Project Manager to discuss your individual project needs and testing response times.

Alternate Tests
ASTM D 1653Fed Test Method Std. No. 101C

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Test Designation
E96 Water Vapor Transmission

Sample Type
insulation, most industrial materials, plastic, most building materials, wood, materials with coatings, concrete