Small issues can become big problems. We take a closer look.

Like a pathologist in the medical world, a concrete petrographer uses microscopes to solve construction materials problems. Petrographic analysis, or petrography, is the essential tool for evaluating every kind of concrete issue, such as durability, low strength, freeze-thaw, surface distress, cracking, alkali-aggregate reactions (ASR and ACR), chemical attack, delamination, scaling and fire damage.

CTLGroup employs one of the largest concrete petrography departments in the world, lending our petrographers uncommonly diversified and specialized experience. We solve the tough problems in our petrography testing lab. Small scale features within concrete, mortar, stucco, cast stone, flooring, aggregate and cement can impact large scale structures. From the Berlin Wall to the Alaskan Pipeline to the pavements you walk on every day, it’s no wonder that the Chicago Tribune calls us “CSI:Skokie.”