Construction Materials

A century of knowledge in the industry

CTLGroup provides a full range of construction materials testing services, developing and testing various concrete mix designs to meet requirements for strength, appearance, and durability. We offer both standard and specialized tests of aggregates, admixtures, concrete, curing compounds, all cementitious materials, packaged repair materials and grouts, dimensional stone, cast stone, masonry, sealers or coatings for concrete and reinforcing steel.
Our Materials Laboratory Services Group can help resolve issues of durability, incompatibility or contamination. In addition to developing specialized concrete mixture designs, we also consult for product development, certification, on-site troubleshooting and calibration services.
Known and respected for the dependability of our results, CTLGroup regularly provides third-party reference services to other labs and product manufacturers, as well as litigation support. CTLGroup staff members are active in ASTM and ACI technical committees.

Construction Materials


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