Earthquake Engineering

Helping structures remain stable, even when the ground is not.

Earthquakes cause bridges to fall, gas and water lines to rupture and buildings to collapse. It is often the failure of the surrounding structures, not the earthquakes themselves, that lead to fatalities. CTLGroup has the experience and knowledge essential to providing seismic engineering services for new and existing structures.

Our seismic analysis experts have been involved in the development of criteria for seismic design of structures for over 45 years. The earliest stages of reinforced concrete frame seismic testing can be traced back to the 1960s, when extensive scaled testing was conducted in our structural laboratory. Since then, CTLGroup has partnered with various research organizations, including the National Science Foundation, regarding seismic research and development.

CTLGroup designs high performance earthquake engineering solutions for clients that significantly reduce life-cycle costs. Our seismic analysis expertise is combined with our unique capabilities in field and laboratory testing to validate complex seismic design schemes.

CTLGroup provides seismic engineering services for new construction as well as rehabilitation of existing structures, including:

  • Earthquake damage evaluation
  • Seismic vulnerability assessment
  • Seismic damage repair and retrofit design
  • Dynamic analysis of structures
  • Probabilistic disaster risk assessment
  • Field testing of structures, including experimental modal analysis
  • Full scale structural, and non-structural component, laboratory dynamic testing capabilities
  • Strong Ground Motion Instrumentation and monitoring