Bridge Engineering

Improving bridges through innovation

CTLGroup has a long history of bridge monitoring and engineering improvement.  The bridge engineering firm's signature service has been in the area of cable-supported bridges and CTLGroup has become known for:

  • Inspection and evaluation guidelines for cable-stayed bridges
  • Cable damping solutions
  • Bridge monitoring
  • Non-contacting cable force measurement
  • Suspension bridge and tied-arch hanger force measurement
  • Ultrasonic flaw detection for cable anchorages

Other examples of CTLGroup's contribution to enhancements for bridge engineering include:

  • Design for fatigue and shear in HPC bulb-tee bridges
  • Design methodology for jointless, integral abutment bridges
  • Inspection guidelines for FRP bridge decks
  • Rehabilitation strategies for prestressed concrete bridges
  • Development of NDE solutions

And, of course, as leaders in construction practices in concrete technology, we have helped by providing:

  • High-performance concrete consulting
  • Practical mass-concrete placement guidelines and monitoring
  • Thermal analysis and modeling of concrete
  • Silica fume utilization guidelines for bridges