Blast Engineering Consulting

Preparing for the unpredictable.

In the wake of terrorist attacks such as the Oklahoma City bombing and the tragic events of 9/11, building owners and developers have a heightened awareness of the critical importance of considering multiple hazards or design threats. Structural engineers help mitigate these threats with building enhancements such as blast resistance. CTLGroup’s blast engineering consulting experts are at the forefront of the developing practice of secure building design.

CTLGroup’s expertise began with investigations of explosions and similar disasters. CTLGroup blast engineering consulting experts have  led investigations and produced Federal reports on the historic attacks noted above and numerous other such events, and have written books, developed standards and conducted research on designing structures for blast resistance.

Destruction caused by intentional acts or accidental explosions threatens people’s lives, as well as critical assets such as equipment in a building, and the building itself. Most injuries occur not from the blast itself, but from the collapse of a building. Therefore, secure building design and blast engineering is an essential practice, especially for buildings considered to be vulnerable to potential terrorist attacks.

CTLGroup’s engineers and technical staff draw from a broad range of multi-disciplinary capabilities and in-depth knowledge to provide clients with solutions that go beyond blast resistance and explosion investigation. For example, our explosion investigations incorporate our proven procedures for litigation support, and blast-resistant design can incorporate our deep experience with green solutions. Our explosion investigation and blast engineering services include:

  • Blast-resistant design for new or existing structures
  • Progressive collapse evaluation
  • Explosion investigation