Ground-Penetrating Radar Services

AKA - Nondestructive Impulse Radar Testing

CTLGroup’s ground-penetrating radar services evaluate concrete structures and locate buried items such as underground tanks and utilities. Also commonly referred to as impulse radar, ground penetrating radar was initially developed to locate underground objects. Today, impulse radar is applied to a variety of situations that require rapid, accurate and cost-effective nondestructive condition assessment. Our ground-penetrating radar services offer the added benefit of real-time interpretation as well as computerized electronic filtering.


The versatility of impulse radar facilitates its use in a myriad of circumstances. Typical applications include:

Concrete Structures

  • Presence and location of mild steel reinforcement, pre stressing steel, conduits, pipes and other embedments
  • Thickness assessment of reinforced concrete structural elements
  • Location of areas of poor consolidation and voids

Concrete Pavements and Slabs

  • Evaluation of element thickness
  • Evaluation of horizontal and vertical alignment of dowel bars at joints
  • Presence of voids beneath element
  • Location of defects and inclusions in concrete

Concrete Masonry

  • Presence of reinforcement and grout in concrete block cavities
  • Subsurface Investigations
  • Location of buried objects such as storage tanks and vaults