Corrosion Assessment

Mitigating Corrosion to Extend Service Life

CTLGroup assists clients in determining the effects of corrosion on a structure’s remaining service life using practical and advanced methods such as nondestructive testing. Corrosion of reinforcing steel is the most common cause of deterioration in concrete structures, leading to annual infrastructure repair costs of more than $45 billion in the U.S. Understanding the effects of corrosion is key to overcoming and correcting damage.

Corrosion protection plans can be tailored for concrete structures exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Reinforcement corrosion oriented repair plans can range from material replacement to passive and active repair methods.

Passive repair methods include the application of coatings that delay the ingress of deleterious substances, such as carbon dioxide or chlorides. Active protection methods include the prevention of corrosion by electrochemical means or cathodic protection.

From material selection, execution, and additional mitigation or prevention methods, corrosion of reinforcing steel can be delayed, mitigated, or prevented through CTLGroup’s expertise. For additional information on CTLGroup’s corrosion expertise, please contact Jose Pacheco at 1-800-522-2285 or at