Service Life Prediction and Modeling

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Prolonging Service Life of Reinforced Concrete Structure

Concrete structures are designed to endure harsh environmental and loading conditions. Appropriate determination of the expected service life of concrete requires a deep understanding of materials transport and degradation mechanisms.

In the initial design phases, material selection and development of concrete play a crucial role in determining the period of time before significant maintenance is necessary.  CTLGroup has a longstanding history of developing test methods and evaluating concrete properties related to the transport of deleterious agents.  Combined with advanced modeling, the expected service life of concrete elements can be determined. 

For existing structures, CTLGroup commonly faces questions from our clients including: "What's the expected useful life for this structure?" or "Is the cost to repair, reinforce, or rehabilitate justified by the return of an extended life of the structure?"

Whether assessing an iconic and historic structure, such as the North Torrey Bridge in California, or the water cooling tower of a power production plant, CTLGroup helps our clients make and implement important decisions.  

We do this through a combination of: 

  • Field Assessments
  • Structural Material Reliability Analysis
  • Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation
  • Statistical Modeling and Forecasting
  • Simulation Software Analysis
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis

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