Pavement Consulting

CTLGroup provides clients with comprehensive pavement engineering solutions

CTLGroup is one of the leading providers of services related to pavements for highways, airports, port facilities, off-road and industrial applications. Our pavement engineering consultants include engineers, materials scientists and instrumentation and testing specialists who bring the broadest possible range of knowledge and skills to bear on all your pavement projects.

Early in a project, CTLGroup pavement engineering consultants can address complex pavement challenges by designing and testing concrete mixtures, reviewing and refining pavement designs, incorporating sustainable solutions, and developing effective QA/QC programs. Also, during construction, we can quickly troubleshoot and resolve material and construction problems.

In the pre-bid and bidding stages, CTLGroup provides highly specialized services, including:

  • Concrete mixture design optimization
  • Cutting edge in-house testing facilities
  • Hands-on consulting regarding aggregates, cement, cementitious materials, concrete workability, durability and every other mixture design consideration
  • Identification of chemical admixture compatibility issues before they occur

CTLGroup also offers a comprehensive list of consulting and pavement testing services to optimize efficiency in the pre-construction and construction phases:

  • Material evaluations
  • Quality control testing
  • Specifications review and changes for improved constructability and schedule
  • Highly specialized troubleshooting services
  • Sustainability assessments
  • Geotechnical site and design evaluations

When an in-place pavement exhibits signs of distress, CTLGroup pavement engineering consultants can evaluate the extent of deterioration, determine the likely causes, then design and oversee the rehabilitation. Our field testing and evaluation capabilities are unrivaled in scope and expertise, and include state-of-the-art nondestructive testing procedures. We also offer pavement repair designs and specifications and assessments for use in upgrades and changes.

CTLGroup has developed a variety of systems that use strain gages, crack detectors and other sensors to measure and track the performance of asphalt and concrete pavements, including:

  • Asphalt strain gages
  • Concrete strain gages
  • Multi-depth deflectometers
  • Compression gages

When necessary, we can help resolve disputes or provide litigation support. CTLGroup has the tools, expertise, and experience to address any pavement problem, including those that stem from material incompatibility, design flaws, wear and exposure.