Concrete Construction Consulting Services

Experts in concrete flooring, pavement and mass concrete

CTLGroup's history of over 95 years in the concrete engineering industry has given us uncommon insight into the best practices and potential problems of building with concrete and other cementitious materials. Our concrete construction consulting services help clients avoid concrete engineering problems by providing guidance in project design and specifications; prescribing, teaching and overseeing sound construction practices; testing and refining combinations of materials for desired performance; and troubleshooting problems that arise on the job site.

Concrete Flooring

Concrete floors, both with and without finish flooring, are subject to a range of problems that can compromise their safety, usefulness and appearance. But these floor systems are a lot more complex than they may seem. A problem visible on the surface may be due to something beneath the floor or many feet away. If applied early in a project, CTLGroup’s concrete construction consulting services can help prevent floor troubles by guiding floor design and construction efforts. Faced with an existing floor problem, our team of materials scientists and engineers work together to determine its source and recommend practical, permanent solutions.

Concrete Pavement

CTLGroup is one of the leading providers of concrete construction consulting services related to concrete pavements for highways, airports, port facilities, off-road and industrial applications. If consulted early in a project, we can help prevent pavement problems by designing and testing concrete mixtures, reviewing and refining pavement designs, and developing effective QA/QC programs. During construction, we can quickly troubleshoot and resolve material and construction problems. When an in-place pavement exhibits signs of distress, CTLGroup can evaluate the extent of deterioration, determine the likely causes, then design and oversee the rehabilitation. When necessary, we can help resolve disputes or provide litigation support. 

Mass Concrete

Concrete cast in massive sections requires special consideration be given to handling the heat of hydration and the temperature rise after casting. Uncontrolled temperature rise can result in unacceptable surface cracks or internal damage to the concrete. We are a world leader in mass concrete engineering and technology. We have helped countless contractors, engineering/design firms and owners to write, adapt, understand and work within specifications for mass concrete elements and structures. CTLGroup can work with owners, engineers, architects, material suppliers and contractors to develop project-specific thermal control plans based on thermal modeling. If necessary, these requirements can be supplemented and verified using laboratory tests.