Laboratory Analyses and Failure Simulation

The exponential power of engineers and laboratories

Our engineering consultants and experts are called on for the most memorable catastrophes as well as lesser known failures and damages. The great advantage to our clients is our ability to offer not just forensic investigation and expert testimony, but also the ability to carry out some of the most advanced laboratory analyses and failure modeling in the industry.  Our reports will state whether or not a material complies with a specification.  And, we can perform static or dynamic testing of full-scale structural elements and assemblies. 

Simulation and modeling lab capabilities include stereographic, petrographic and electron microscopes as well as state-of-the-art chemical analyses equipment capable of handling everything from standard compliance tests to complex detection of trace materials.

The structural concrete and masonry laboratories perform such services as mixing, casting and ASTM testing on specimens conditioned at temperatures that range from  -25°F to 135°F and tested at forces of up to 10 million pounds.

Our structural testing facility has a 56x120-ft test floor adaptable for three-dimensional loading in static, dynamic, and pseudodynamic failure simulation testing. Conventional and digital servohydraulic ram and actuator systems are configured for multiple power units ranging in capacity from 1,000 to 10,000,000 lb force and stroke up to 36 in. Also included are:

  • Twin 20-ton radio-controlled overhead cranes 
  • 55-, 300-, 400-, and 1,000-kip universal testing machines 
  • 1,000-kip compression testing machine 
  • Carpentry, machining, and welding shops 
  • Concrete casting equipment