Vibration Assessment & Mitigation

Vibration Assessment & Mitigation

CTLGroup uses state-of-the-art technology to measure and monitor vibrations in structures and construction sites. Electronic sensors capture and store recorded vibrations above a preset trigger level. Recorded data are then plotted against a curve representing the U.S. Bureau of Mines criteria for building damage. The systems can be configured to alert personnel automatically when established threshold values are exceeded. Our experts can design, supply, install and implement monitoring systems to serve a wide range of purposes.

Baseline Vibration Measurement

Baseline ground vibration measurements can serve as a basis for comparison for subsequent construction and operation vibration levels.

Continuous Vibration Monitoring

CTLGroup can supply systems to monitor vibrations continuously during the course of a project and record changes in vibration levels over time. This service has proved useful for clients filling a variety of roles in construction projects.
Both owners and contractors have hired CTLGroup to monitor vibration on their construction sites and ensure that levels are low enough not to damage adjacent properties. Building owners have had systems installed when nearby construction activity led to concerns about potential property damage, equipment malfunction and loss of business.
Historic buildings can be particularly vulnerable, so vibration limits for nearby construction activity may be limited more strictly in historic districts. ConEdison retained CTLGroup to document vibrations caused by their construction of a power substation surrounded by designated historic landmarks.
Because vibration also can disrupt industrial activity, other clients have used our services to verify that vibration stays within limits to protect sensitive manufacturing or data processing equipment. The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston contracted with CTLGroup to monitor vibration of its building structure and critical components during excavation of the city’s Central Artery Tunnel project.
Contact CTLGroup’s vibration monitoring experts for help whenever construction-related vibration may be cause for concern.