Floor System Evaluation

Flooring System Evaluation

Whether a floor is located in a healthcare facility, warehouse, retail store or other commercial building, CTLGroup helps solve complex floor problems. We also help avoid floor troubles by guiding design and construction efforts.

Concrete floors, with and without finish flooring, are subject to a range of problems that can compromise their safety, usefulness and appearance. These floor systems are a lot more complex than they may seem. A problem visible on the surface may be due to something right under your feet or some distance away. An enduring solution first requires an accurate evaluation of the root cause of the problem.

Faced with an existing floor problem, our materials scientists and engineers work together to determine its source and recommend practical, enduring solutions. Whether your finished floor surface is resilient, textile, concrete, polymer coating or other material, CTLGroup has the technical knowledge and experience to solve the problem. We know floors from the ground up, and down. For additional information on our floor consulting services, please contact Terry Willems or Elizabeth Rodenkirch at 847-965-7500.

Design Services

At the design stage, CTLGroup develops and reviews specifications to meet owners’ needs. Our engineers and scientists:

  • Evaluate slab thickness and reinforcement plans
  • Plan joint layouts and moisture-resistant details
  • Develop and review specifications
  • Review concrete mix designs
  • Estimate drying times and provide moisture-control options

Construction Services

Proper slab performance depends on proper construction methods. To help construction crews build slabs right, CTLGroup experts can:

  • Conduct pre-construction meetings
  • Observe slab placement and verify conformance
  • Recommend sawcut joint timing and depth
  • Monitor drying

Forensic Services

When floor problems arise, they often involve multiple parties - tenants, owners, architects and contractors - and require expert assistance to resolve. CTLGroup typically follows a four-step plan when investigating problems, beginning with document review and proceeding through site inspection, material sampling and laboratory analysis. Our multidisciplinary teams:

  • Review background documents
  • Visually assess slab condition
  • Determine slab thickness nondestructively
  • Survey sub-slab voids
  • Select, obtain and perform laboratory examination and testing of cores
  • Evaluate warping or curling of slab panels
  • Measure slab-edge deflection
  • Analyze load-carrying capacity
  • Compare as-built vs. design service life
  • Chemically analyze floor system components
  • Diagnose and resolve moisture problems

Remediation Services

Because a damaged or deteriorated floor can severely impact a company’s operations, managing repairs efficiently is crucial. CTLGroup has the skills to develop lasting and cost-effective solutions. Our experts can:

  • Identify causes of distress
  • Determine repair needs
  • Develop technical repair specifications
  • Observe and document repairs