Our People

John Roller

Principal Structural Engineer, Structural Evaluation

Mr. Roller is a civil/structural engineer with over 30 years of professional experience. A considerable portion of his career has been devoted to performing laboratory research that focused on evaluating performance of building materials, civil structures and structural components. His experience with research and development programs allows him to apply unique knowledge related to material and structural behavior gained in a laboratory environment to structures subject to the in-service conditions of the real world. Mr. Roller has co-authored 50 publications, most of which relate to various research projects performed throughout his career. Three of these publications have won awards from ACI and ASCE.

The majority of Mr. Roller’s career has been devoted to performing structural failure investigations; evaluation of damaged or distressed structures; field and laboratory structural load testing programs; material testing and evaluation programs; development and implementation of quality assurance programs; and structural instrumentation and monitoring programs. Specific areas of expertise include reinforced concrete; precast/prestressed concrete; fiber-reinforced concrete; concrete and brick masonry; wood/timber construction; concrete, steel and cast iron pressure pipe; evaluation of structures subject to high winds (including tornado and hurricane), fire and other damaging phenomenon; asset management; and quality control/assurance. Mr. Roller has frequently provided expert consulting services in support of dispute resolution proceedings related to design, construction or performance of building or civil structures.