Our People

Dennis McCann

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Dennis M. McCann, Ph.D., P.E., was appointed Vice President and COO of CTLGroup in December of 2017. He specializes in failure investigation, performance evaluation, and risk assessment of structures and infrastructure. He advises clients regarding important technical problems in a wide cross-section of market sectors, including buildings and facilities, energy and resources, and transportation. Within these sectors, he often consults on matters involving property loss and risk. Dr. McCann manages the operations of CTLGroup’s Materials & Mechanics consulting group and leads the firm’s Emergent Solutions initiative, which aims to incorporate new and advanced technologies into practice.
As an investigator, Dr. McCann has studied the cause of catastrophic structural collapses and has responded in the aftermath of notorious natural disasters. He has also investigated design and construction defects or deterioration that has resulted in loss of performance or undesirable structural behavior. His efforts in performance evaluation have included the development and implementation of monitoring systems to assess the behavior and health of in-service structures and infrastructure. He has applied his expertise to residential and commercial buildings, bridges, temporary works, foundations, stacks, tanks, towers, and other industrial structures.
Dr. McCann has a strong background in engineering mechanics with a specialty in structural dynamics and vibrations. His experience includes analysis of structural response to wind, earthquake, and blast loads, as well as monitoring and mitigation of vibration effects. Dr. McCann’s technical background extends to probabilistic analysis to support risk management and decision making.  
Prior to joining CTLGroup, Dr. McCann held several positions with a leading multi-disciplinary engineering and scientific consulting firm. He also has past experience performing analysis and design tasks for water resources facilities and geotechnical systems. Dr. McCann has taught civil engineering courses and has served as a peer reviewer for academic journals and industry publications. He has also served as a Structures Specialist for the Illinois Urban Search and Rescue Team.